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Flatbed transportation

El Paso Freight Services Inc. is a company specializing in flat bed transportation. Established in April of 2007, El Paso Freight is privately owned and based in El Paso, TX.


Our success is determined by not just meeting, but exceeding our customer’s expectations and creating a work environment and culture that attracts and retains capable, honest, and dedicated employees.



Building a good relationship with our customers allows us to accommodate each and everyone their needs. We are an adjustable company, and our clients' needs and wants are always our priority. As a Service Provider, we modify our services to yours.


We count with state of the art technology. All our trucks are GPS monitored. Allowing you the customer to know where your shipment is located, what day it will arrive, and what time it will arrive. Each truck is equipped with a Rand Mcnally TND 760 GPS system which allows us to always be in communication with our drivers and our clients via a web portal with their merchandise. 


El Paso Freight counts with 70 trucks and 90 Flatbed with 85% team drivers. If any of our equipment brakes down, we send our own rescue trucks at our companies expense. Trucking has many miles and many Hazards along the way, that is why a Great Team on the Road and In House is our commitment to the customer's satisfaction.


El Paso Freight Services Inc has two sister companies. El Paso Freight Mexico and El Paso Logistics Services Inc.

If you need Door to Door from Mexico to the United States you can count on us as a Service Provider. Not only do we count with international relations that make it easy for us to handle your products, but you can also count on us and our 70 trucks and 90 flatbed fleet to back you up for any situation.  So try us today and get a quote.

Capacity and Reliability are one of the most important factors of any company. The Capacity to be able to fulfill your client’s needs and the Reliability in your Word to capture your Customers Trust. This for us is called Peace of Mind. The “Peace of Mind” needed when you make a sale and know that no matter what you can count on us to achieve your goals.


Like many businesses we have learned, progressed, and evolved in what we have become today. We have become experts in Dedicated / Expedited Services.  You might call it old fashioned, and yes that is exactly how we want to look when we Give You Our Word. Because for us, “Peace of Mind” is every inch and step of progress that has made us who we are today. So when you need assurance, you can count on El Paso Freight Services Inc.

With New ELD Regulations and DOT Cracking Down on Hours of Services, many companies  have found themselves in the struggle of delivering on time and staying alive. That is why El Paso Freight Offers 85% of its fleet as Team Drivers and growing to make it 100%.

Our Success? Sharing our success with our coworkers. Treat others as you want to be treated has lead to having Great Companionship and Leadership within our crew drivers. Try us today and see the difference in El Paso Freight.

A Dynamic Carrier

At El Paso Freight, our service is all about you. As an independent company, we have the flexibility and the range to adapt our trailer configurations to your shipping needs. Our fleet is always kept clean and well maintained.

We customize our service to you

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